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The Social Science portfolio will be an ongoing assignment, one per quarter, every year of your Junior High experience.  It will be due near the end of each quarter, but students could complete and place in the "Turn In" cabinet at any time.  Please check the specific due dates below or from the Portfolio tab under Resources at  That being said, there will be no late portfolio assignments accepted for any reason or excuse, even absence from school.  This also means you will need print for yourself, even if you wait until the night before and your printer breaks please don't bother emailing Mr. Streit to print for you.  To be specific an artifact is something created by people.  You have created a number of artifacts in your Social Science class with Mr. Streit.  As the student, you will be required to produce one of these artifacts per quarter (Example: homework assignment, project, test, quiz, or classwork) and type an honest reflection on it answering the questions below.  This will reinforce what you have learned during each quarter, prepare you for upcoming exams, teach you responsibility, and help you practice thinking ahead for yourself.  

1. Why did you select this artifact to write your reflection on to complete this quarter portfolio?  Explain. 

2. What did you learn from completing the lesson(s) around your artifact?  Explain. 

3. Did you do well on the assignment, project, test, report, or quiz?  Why or why not?

4. What aspects of the lesson(s) did you like or dislike?  Be honest and be appropriate.

5. Explain how you could have improved your performance?  

[Remember none of us are perfect and even an A does not equal mastery of a subject.]

Want full credit (10 points)? Here is the bottom line:

▪ Really follow the top line of the Portfolio Rubric!

Due Dates:  

Quarter 1 - Thursday, November 7th, 2019

Quarter 2 - Friday, January 24th, 2020

Quarter 3 - CANCELLED 

Quarter 4 - CANCELLED        

Remember you can turn in your portfolio at any time during the quarter, but no late portfolios will be accepted for any reason.  Remember awareness and responsibility is part of the point!