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Civics Unit 2 
Looking at Rights, Responsibilities, and Government



  • Why is our government so complicated? What do I need to know about that complexity to be a powerful civic actor?   
  • How can individuals interact with the institutions of government? 
  • How will I interact with government to work for the common good? 
  • How can my participation in democracy influence/impact issues I care about? 


  • Democracy is based on a set of core values, though those ideals may not always be reached.

  • In our democracy, power is limited by being separated among different branches and levels of government. 

  • Individuals have used and continue to use their power to choose democratic leaders, to influence policy, and to seek change through voting, advocacy, and activism, but some individuals have been denied access to these methods of participation. 

  • Individuals in a democracy have many rights that allow them to exercise their power, but these rights are limited, and some individuals’ rights are more limited than others’. 

  • Rights often come into conflict with one another, and these conflicts can be difficult to resolve.