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Civics Unit 3

Exploring Rights, Responsibility, and Power in the Community


  • Who has power in your community? What are the sources of their power? How do they use their power?
  • What power do you and your family have? What power does the school have? What power do community organizations have?  
  • What is the importance of public and private policy in your community? How do people with power work to change policy?
  • How will you choose to use your power to promote the common good in your community?


  • The source of power can affect how that power can be used. 

  • You and your family have power in the community and can determine how best to use it.

  • A variety of organizations, including nonprofit and advocacy groups, the school, religious groups, and businesses have power in the community. The sources of their power and their goals may be different, but all can shape the community.

  • Public and private policies affect all aspects of community life. Those with power in a community can work in various ways to change policy.

  • Young people can choose to use their power in the community in a variety of ways.