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B Day - HW

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Tuesday October 16, 2018 All Day

ALL - Portfolio - Quarter 1 due Thursday, November 1st [Resources – Portfolio] NOTE:  Remember no late Portfolios will be accepted and you must print for yourself.  

6th Grade - 
  • Read p. 124-131 and answer The Assyrian and Persian Empires Questions in your COMP books [Unit 1] 
  • Bring in natural resources or supplies to resemble natural resources for your Arts portion of The Continents Showcase. See Continents Showcase Research - Student Selection due October 24 & 25 [Block Schedule].  Please put into ziplock and label it! [6th Grade Showcase]
  • The Continents Showcase - Task #5 due October 25-26 (Block Schedule) [6th Grade Showcase] 
  • Portfolio - Quarter 1 due Thursday, November 1st [Resources – Portfolio]

7th Grade - Read p. 85-87 in your Making Thirteen Colonies mini-book and answer The Pequot War & King Philip's War questions in your COMP books. Bring technology to work on Rough-Draft Colony Brochure which is due October 24 & 25 (Block Schedule) [Unit 2] NOTE:  Please remember to print for yourself

8th Grade - The End of Native American Uprisings - The Real Question: So, when does the U.S. government policy change from moving the Native American tribes to the west, then reservations, and to finally a policy of extinction? Refer to the website for articles on this topic. Be prepared to discuss with your class and defend your opinion. Study for Transcontinental Railroad meets the Native Americans Quiz (next class) [Unit 1]

Global Ed - 

  • Turn in Final Copy of Water Simulation - Opening Statements due October 16
  • Post Final Copy of Water Simulation - Opening Statements to the ICONS system due October 16 (see ICONS tab for login information)
  • Interactive Phase [Read Opening Statements & Reply to 2 Countries] due November 1