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B Day - HW

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Tuesday October 16, 2018 All Day

ALL - Portfolio - Quarter 1 due Thursday, November 1st [Resources – Portfolio] NOTE:  Remember no late Portfolios will be accepted and you must print for yourself.  

6th Grade - 
  • Read p. 124-131 and answer The Assyrian and Persian Empires Questions in your COMP books [Unit 1] 
  • Bring in natural resources or supplies to resemble natural resources for your Arts portion of The Continents Showcase. See Continents Showcase Research - Student Selection due October 24 & 25 [Block Schedule].  Please put into ziplock and label it! [6th Grade Showcase]
  • The Continents Showcase - Task #5 due October 25-26 (Block Schedule) [6th Grade Showcase] 
  • Portfolio - Quarter 1 due Thursday, November 1st [Resources – Portfolio]

7th Grade - Read p. 85-87 in your Making Thirteen Colonies mini-book and answer The Pequot War & King Philip's War questions in your COMP books. Bring technology to work on Rough-Draft Colony Brochure which is due October 24 & 25 (Block Schedule) [Unit 2] NOTE:  Please remember to print for yourself

8th Grade - The End of Native American Uprising questions (in not completed already), The End of Native American Uprisings - The Real Question, & Study for Transcontinental Railroad meets the Native Americans Quiz (next class) [Unit 1]

Global Ed - 
  • Turn in Final Copy of Water Simulation - Opening Statements due October 16
  • Post Final Copy of Water Simulation - Opening Statements to the ICONS system due October 16 (see ICONS tab for login information)
  • Interactive Phase [Read Opening Statements & Reply to 2 Countries] due November 1