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8th Grade Travel

Washington D.C.

Dates: Wednesday, April 19, 2023 until Friday, April 21, 2023

Register Online: 

1) Click here to create an online account with Hemisphere for the First Time

2) Use the Web/Tour Code: 23TA16237

3) Create an account and register with a $300 deposit to reserve your spot.  

4) First deposit due October 5, 2022

Final Date to Register: December 7, 2022 

Cost: Unfortunately, we do not know the final cost yet.  We hope everyone can join us, but the cost depends on the number of participants and coach buses needed while in our national capital. For example; 40-47 participants per coach bus is $1,275, but if we have more participants then another coach bus is needed and the cost of the trip will have to be adjusted. More information forthcoming as we approach the final registration date of December 7, 2022.  


What's Included?

 Round-Trip Flight

 All Admission Fees to Scheduled Activities

 2 Nights at Hotel & Overnight Hotel Security

 2 Breakfasts, 3 Lunches, 3 Dinners

 Guided Sightseeing

 All Taxes and Gratuities

 A one-of-a-kind, fun-filled educational experience

Here's a few things on the possible itinerary: 

 Arlington National Cemetery 

 Moonlight Spirit Cruise with Dinner & DJ 

US Marine Corps Memorial Capitol Building Tour 

Pentagon Memorial

Capitol Hill Tour

FDR Memorial

 Lincoln Memorial

Vietnam Memorial 

Korean Memorials

George Washington's Mount Vernon

 Smithsonian Institutions

African-American History Museum

 Holocaust Memorial Museum

 Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial

 Group Photo 

Chaperones:  Mrs. Davlantes, Mr. Streit, Mr. Peet, Mr. Birden, Ms. Martin, Mr. Sainsbury, Mrs. Brewer, & Mrs. Moody (6 to 1 ration = 8 chaperones)


Final Itinerary TBD

Health Forms TBD

Phone & Packing Slip TBD

Dress Code:

Please plan to wear dressy –casual, age-appropriate, tasteful attire. Khaki pants, a nice shirt, and a pair of decent shoes, is expected for our visit to the Arlington Cemetery and our Boat tour on the Potomac River.

No: Basketball shorts or hoods or hats inside of buildings.


Rain gear, light jacket, comfortable shoes, and a disposable camera labeled with your name on them.

Carry-on luggage ONLY:

3-1-1 for carry-ons

Three 4 ounce bottles or less

1 quart-sized, clear, plastic, zip-top bag

1 bag per passenger placed in screening bin

Units of Study

  • Essential Questions - What knowledge, skills, and dispositions (intention to act) does a person need in order to be a powerful civic actor in our democracy and in our community? How will I use my rights and responsibilities to promote the common good in our democracy and community?
  • Assessment – TBD
  • Essential Questions - What rights do I have? How does the Constitution protect those rights? What responsibilities do I have to our democracy and community? How do my rights enable me to use my power in our democracy and society? How do my responsibilities require me to use my power?
  • Assessment – U.S. Federal Constitution Exam 
  • Essential Questions - How can young people promote the common good working through government or in the community? What knowledge, skills, and dispositions (intentions to act) does a young person need in order to be a powerful civic actor in our democracy and communities? 
  • Assessment - Choose to Participate 
  • Unit Question - Progress at what cost?  When should society control individuals?  How are diverse cultures alike and different?
  • Historical Context - Reconstruction, Immigration, Industrialization, Urbanization, Great Migration, Labor Unions, Progressive Era, Imperialism, Spanish-American War, Blues & Jazz, Harlem Renaissance 
  • Final Assessment – Grant Legacy-Propaganda Poster & Unit 1 Exam - Changing America
  • Unit Question - How are things, events, or people connected to each other? What is the cause? The effect? How do they fit together?
  • Historical Context - World War I, World War II, The Cold War
  • Final Assessment - The World Wars and Life in Between - Unit Exam
  • Unit Question - Why does perspective matter? What factors can influence people’s perspectives?  What social opportunities and problems arise from an interconnected global economy?
  • Historical Context – The Cold War, International Realignment, Contemporary Society, United States as a “Super Power”, Korean War, Vietnam War, War at Home, & Civil Rights Movement
  • Final Assessment - The Counterculture (Music) Task

History Fair Club:  

History Fair is optional in 8th Grade.  

See Mr. Streit for more details.