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7th Grade Trip to Springfield IL on May 3rd

  • Please remember to bring a sack lunch and dinner is provided. 
  • Please remember to dress business casual with a decent pair of shoes. No graphic t-shirts, no hoodies, and no hats. 
  • Please remember to bring a mask.
  • It is supposed to rain all day, please consider bringing a raincoat.  Umbrellas will not be permitted in the State Capitol and the Lincoln Presidential Museum.  

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Units of Study
  • Unit Question - When is conflict excused as means to an end?
  • Historical Context - Renaissance, Reformation, Early Explorers, Age of Exploration, Old World meets the New Word
  • Final Assessment – Columbus vs. Taino People Debate
  • Unit Question - Are contemporary socio/political beliefs a direct reflection of those held by our earliest colonial forefathers?
  • Historical Context – The Quakers, Puritans, Separatists, New England Colonies, Middle Colonies, South Colonies, Triangular Trade (slavery)
  • Final Assessment - 13 Colonies Geography Quiz & Colonial History Test
  • Unit Question – Why do people rebel?
  • Historical Context – The American Revolution, Taxation without Representation, Enlightened thinkers, General George Washington
  • Final Assessment – The Meaning of Liberty & The American Revolution Unit Test
  • Unit Question -  How do economic needs and wants affect decisions of individuals, groups, and institutions (political and social)?
  • Historical Context - Louisiana Purchase, Lewis & Clark, Manifest Destiny, Missouri Compromise, 3/5ths Compromise,  John Brown, Kansas Nebraska Act, Compromise Collapse
  • Final Assessment - Federalists Papers, Bill of Rights Quiz, & War of 1812 Quiz
  • Unit Question - What is power and how is it gained, used, and justified?
  • Historical Context – Civil War, Abraham Lincoln, Jefferson Davis, Ulysses S. Grant, Robert E. Lee
  • Final Assessment – Unit Exam - Civil War Test
  • Unit Question - Progress at what cost?  When should society control individuals?  How are diverse cultures alike and different?
  • Historical Context - Reconstruction, Immigration, Industrialization, Urbanization, Great Migration, Labor Unions
  • Final Assessment –  Unit Exam - Progress at What Cost? / The Changing Face of America