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6th Grade

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Units of Study

  • Unit Question - What can geography and the past tell us about today?
  • Historical Context - Basic concepts, geography, and natural resources related to ancient civilizations including those of Ancient Mesopotamia
  • Final Assessment – Unit 1 Exam - Ancient Mesopotamia Test

  • Unit Question – Do individuals create culture and does culture create individuals?
  • Historical Context – Ancient kingdoms of Africa (including Ancient Egypt, Ancient Nubia, Ancient Ghana, Ancient Songhai, Ancient Mali), Mesoamerica and the early American civilizations
  • Final Assessment – Ancient Egypt and Nubia Kingdoms Quiz, West African Kingdoms Quiz, & Mesoamerican Civilizations Quiz
  • Unit Question - What is power?  Where does it come from?
  • Historical Context - Ancient Greece, Greek Mythology and Philosophies, Homer’s Iliad and The Odyssey
  • Final Assessment – Greek Democracy Speech/Election (created by student generated questions)

Greek (Athens) Democracy vs. Roman Dictatorship Speech Preparation
  • Unit Questions - See Unit 3 & Unit 4 
  • Historical Context - Ancient Greece & Ancient Rome with connections to the present
  • Final Assessment - See Unit 3 & Unit 4

  • Unit Question - Are governments necessary for the protection of people in society?
  • Historical Context - Ancient Rome, Rise and Fall of the Roman Republic, and the Roman Empire
  • Final Assessment - Roman Dictatorship Speech/Election (created by student generated questions) including debate of Greek Democracy vs. Roman Dictatorship

  • Unit Question - How do economic needs and wants affect decisions of individuals, groups, and institutions (political and social)? 
  • Historical Context - Feudalism and the Medieval Age, the Dark Ages, the Silk Road, the Formation of the Modern State
  • Final Assessment – Silk Road Business Plan Presentation (TBD)

  • Unit Question - Why do individuals have different perspectives and biases (How are biases formed)? 
  • Historical Context - World Religions, the Renaissance, the Reformation, the Age of Exploration
  • Final Assessment - World Religion Webquest

  • Unit Question - Do geographical factors influence historical events?
  • Historical Context - Ancient civilizations of China, Communist China, Economic growth in Asia
  • Final Assessment - TBD

  • Unit Question - Does the majority population have a responsibility to protect the rights of the minority population?
  • Historical Context - Columbian Exchange to Global Economy
  • Final Assessment - TBD