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6th Grade Showcase - The Continents Showcase
  • Unit Question - How are humans responsible for the environment?
  • Historical Context - Geography, Human Geography, Natural Resources, & Natural Art
  • Final Assessment – The Continents Showcase

                           How are humans responsible for the environment?

Subject Area Common Core Standards:

Unit Assessment

The Continents Showcase will be held on 
Friday, November 16th at 6:00 p.m.

This unit is an integrated approach to student exploration of earth/environmental science, geography, human geography, and the humanities, while using the arts.  Students will work closely with their History, Science, Library teachers and guest artist.  Students will be required to create and present one visual art project during the 6th grade Showcase.  Students will select one of the seven continents:  North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, and Antarctica.  Students will, individually, start researching their continent; specifically, the uniqueness of the terrain and its natural resources. Then investigate how these natural resources are acquired, used, and the environmental impact that has resulted from the acquisition and use of these natural resources.  

The Continents Showcase Packet

Download, save, and review the complete Continents Showcase packet, including individual 

Task assignments, rubrics, and example MLA citations here:

Printing:  Students are responsible to print all course work for themselves, if not printed and handed out in class.  Please understand that Mr. Streit teaches 190+ students each year and can't dedicate the time or money on the individual printing needs of each student. Please do not email Mr. Streit requesting him to print for you.  If you need access to a printer consider checking the before and after school schedule of the Library and Computer Lab. 

Due Dates & Description of Task Assignments:

Students will be required to answer the following Unit Questions in the attached Tasks (see The Continents Showcase Packet above):

  • Continents Selection Form with Parent Signature returned to Mr. Streit:  September 27-28 (Block Schedule)

Students will be required to answer the following Unit Questions in the attached 
Task Assignments (see The Continents Showcase Packet above):

Directions: Answer the following unit question. Each task should be at least a ½ page in length, but probably longer than a page. If you need more space than provided below, then just go for it! Each task assignment should be word processed (typed on your computer) and cited in MLA format underneath the Work Cited area and turned into the appropriate teacher. See the task assignment for further details and grading details.

Humanities Essential Unit Questions – Returned to Mr. Streit
• Task #1 - due October 1-2 (Block Schedule)
What natural resources does your continent have or used to have before they were depleted (List at least 10)?  What natural resources does your continent have that other continents do not?  [NOTE:  Try to focus on one or two examples] Pick two countries on your continent. Where do they get some of the natural resources they need, but don’t have? 

• Task #2 - due October 10-11 (Block Schedule)
What major natural geographic features (mountain ranges, lakes, rivers, deserts, etc.) are on your continent, and what are their names? Pick one ancient (early) civilizations on your continent. What role did these natural geographic features have on the development of the ancient (early) civilizations in the region? [NOTE:  Example - Mesopotamia formed between two rivers, the Tigris and the Euphrates. The rivers caused the land between them to be fertile, and gave the people of Mesopotamia rich farmland. This allowed multiple civilizations such as the Babylonians, Akkadians, and Sumerians to flourish and specialize because they had a surplus of food. Eventually, language, art, and early science and math developed.] [NOTE:  What have scientist discovered and learned about the history of our world, specifically that of the Ice Ages and/or patterns of climate change, through their research in Antartica?]

• Task #5 - due October 25-26 (Block Schedule)
Pick one modern-day country on your continent. How are natural resources used (economically and politically) within the country? How have these natural resources impacted or influenced politics, economics, and relationships with other countries within or outside of your continent?  [NOTE:  Try to focus on one or two examples]

• Task #6 - Classwork
Learning Geography (classwork):  We will be updating a world map as students learn where geographic features and countries are.  See The Continents Showcase Resources under Geography & Natural Resources below.  

Science Essential Unit Questions – Returned to Mrs. Becker
• Task #3 - due October 15-16 (Block Schedule)
Pick two natural resources that are being depleted on your continent. Explain what each is used for, how it is extracted/obtained, and what consequences have resulted from both the production and/or use of your natural resources. 
Then answer the question: What is the price the environment is paying in our quest for natural resources?
[NOTE:  Example - In North America, the quest for natural gas has led to hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. In Oklahoma, fracking machines get natural gas out of the earth by injecting water into subterranean rocks at a high pressure, fracturing the rocks, and allowing access to underground pockets of natural gas. The water used in this process is then disposed of and is often injected underground. In Oklahoma, this process of wastewater injection has led to a significant increase of earthquakes—623 magnitude 3 or higher in 2016 alone.]

• Task #4 - due October 22-23 (Block Schedule)
What environmental or governmental organizations are working to prevent future devastation and support possibilities of restoration in your continent to compensate for the production and use of the natural resources you focused on in #3? What are those organizations doing specifically?  [NOTE:  Example - Americans Against Fracking is a national coalition that advocates for bans on fracking and the export of natural gas produced through fracking. The group is composed of numerous smaller groups that want to get rid of fracking all together. At this point, they are not advocating for restoration, only for a complete ban.]
Meet Our Artist

Mrs. Lemp is here to save the day! 

Mrs. Lemp's Continents Showcase Schedule:

  1. Bring in natural resources or supplies to resemble natural resources for your Arts portion of The Continents Showcase. See Continents Showcase Research - Student Selection due October 24 & 25 [Block Schedule].  Please put into ziplock and label it! 
  2. 9:15-9:40 a.m. Tuesday, October 30 & Wednesday, October 31 - Introduction/Overview (Mr. Streit's classroom) [Block Schedule]
  3. 9:15-10:00 a.m. Thursday, November 1 & Monday, November  5 - Sketch drawing (Mr. Streit's classroom) [Block Schedule]
  4. 9:15-10:30 a.m. Tuesday, November 6 - Outside Creation & Photography (outside with Mrs. Lemp, Mr. Streit, Mrs. Becker, & Mrs. Waters) [A/B Classes]
  5. November 5-16 work with Mrs. Lemp in Art class

The Continents Showcase Resources:

Discovery of the Arts: 

Geography & Natural Resources: 

Research your Continent: 

Citations (MLA Format):